Flower Pot Girls Downunder PotsHow does it work ?

It’s a simple process to plant your Down Under Pot.. start the normal way .. with the pot full of soil and plant at the top. Allow the pot to remain in this normal position until you are satisfied that the plant is established – the roots anchored – then invert the Down Under Pot and hand it using the wire which is already fitted to the pot for that purpose. See our Video Instructions Page.

How long will I wait before hanging the Down Under Pot ?

Whenever you relocate a plant, you will notice that it wilts a little – it needs time to re establish its root system in the new Down Under Pot. When you see that the plant is established in the Down Under Pot invert and hand it using the fitted wire- establishment time does depend on the individual plant and the time factor varies with the type of plant and season, but generally, give the plan a minimum of two weeks or so in the normal position before inverting and handing the Down Under Pot.

Why doesn’t the soil fall out when I hang the pot upside down ?

The plant has established its root system and is now growing in the potting mix, in the Down Under Pot. It is the design of the pot and the established root system of the plant that keep both the plant and potting mix from falling out when the Down Under Pot is inverted and hung in position. See our Video Instructions Page.

How will I water the Down Under Pot ?

When the pot is in the initial established position, sit it in a shallow container to keep the potting mix moist whilst the plant establishes. Once the Down Under Pot has been inverted and is hanging in position, water and fertilise through the top of the pot. There is a deep rim at the base of the Down Under Pot which anchors the root system whilst the plant is establishing, and which holds water when the Down Under Pot is inverted and watered through the top. See our Video Instructions Page.

What are the best plants to grow in the Down Under Pot ?

It is advisable to begin with the type of plant you like and grow best … miniature roses, fuschias, lobelia, campanula, impatiens, succulents, herbs, miniature tomatoes. It is important to select a plant which grows upwards towards the major light source when in the ground or in a normal flower pot. Avoid trailers and climbers as they will tend to hang downwards when the Down Under Pot is inverted and hung in position. See our Video Instructions Page.

Why doesn’t the water run straight through the down under pots, washing the potting mix out ?

One of the design features of the Down Under Pot is an internal reservoir at the base of the pot. The reservoir catches water where the root system is developing, thus feeding the plant and providing the root system with a wall upon which to anchor. If the plan is watered moderately, and is required depending in the weather, the pot will not drip when watered. Recommended is the addition of a water retainer or wetting agent to the initial potting mix [as with conventional garden pots]/ The addition of a water retainer to the initial potting mix will keep the water in the pot, this keeping the mix and plan in good condition. Some high quality terra cotta potting mixes already contain water retainers, but they are otherwise available at most nurseries.

Do I need a special plant to grow in my Down Under Pot ?

Most plants will grow in a Down Under Pot. Basically, most plants seem to want to grow up towards the sun, so when you invert your pot and hand it in position, the plan adjusts its growth direction and heads up around the pot towards the sun or other major light source. Self supporting plants look better in Down Under Pots then trailing plants. Pruning always enhances the display of new growth and flowering in Down Under Pots. See our Video Instructions Page.

If the plant becomes root bound will I have to break the pot ?

If the plant becomes root bound, prune it back after flowering, remove some of the old potting mix from under the handing wire, and will discover that have reasonable access for root pruning. Prune the roots through the top of the post, and then replace the old potting mix with a new lot and the Down Under Pot back in position.

Can I plant something in the top of the Down Under Pots as well ?

Yes, but plant something compatible in consideration of the plant that is growing upside down at the base of the pot. Your Down Under Pot is well suited for growing combinations of herbs – for example, you may establish your favourite herb in your pot, following the standard planting procedure, and having inverted and hung the Down Under Pot when your herb is established, you may select another compatible herb to plant in the top.

When will I get my Down Under Pots ?

Once the payment has cleared please allow 2 to 4 business days to process your order. We will send your Down Under Pot/s using Australia Post. We ship Australia Wide and New Zealand. All postage includes insurance but all care is taken in packing your Down Under Pots. We are not liable for any accidental breakages during postage. Depending on the type of postal order Regular Delivery or Express Delivery, we are unable to guarantee the delivery time of Australia Post especially during festive periods ie Christmas.

Thank you for your order!

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